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6.5" Post Legs (R LEG PL-B-4 PACK) - Pack of 4

6.5" Post Legs (R LEG PL-B-4 PACK) - Pack of 4

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These post-style legs are made to be extra durable to hold up a Rize adjustable base. This medium-height leg can be used as a replacement or to adjust the height of your bed.
Included as the standard head-section legs with the Rize Verge and Contemporary II adjustable beds.


These durable legs can be used to:

  • Can be used with any Rize base (except the Aviada and original Tranquility model)
  • Made of steel
  • 6.5 inches tall
  • Plastic cap on bottom of leg to protect floor
  • 4 legs included

Compatible Bases

Rize Relaxer
Rize Contemporary
Rize Contemporary II
Rize Avante
Rize Cresta
Rize Elevation
Rize Edge
Rize Summit
Rize Clarity
Rize Clarity II
Rize Contemporary III
Rize Remedy
Rize Remedy II
Rize Verge

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