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Main Cable (OK.52201250)

Main Cable (OK.52201250)

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Compatible Bases

Accord (CB18X20)
Arden (GM-010)
Ascend (CBE2ASC)
Basic 100 (GM-100)
Basic 200 (GM-200)
Beaumont Signature - Kingsdown (CB-KD2ELV)
Casper (CB-CA075WL)
Concorde Royale - Kingsdown(CB-KD3)
Eaton Plus - Kingsdown (CB-KD75WL)
Eclipse - Nebraska Furniture Mart (CB-ECLIPSE)
Edison (GM-030)
Freestyle (CB00)
Freestyle 2.0 (CB00WH)
Grand (CB3G3)
Huntley (GM-020)
KD400 (CB-KD400)
Lunar (CB1805)
Lunar - Nebraska Furniture Mart (CB-LUNAR)
Mica (CB1810RF)
Motion 400 (GM-A4Z)
Motion 450 (GM-A450Z)
Motion 500 (GM-A5Z)
Motion 600 (GM-A6Z)
Navigate (CB2N2)
Navigate 2.0 (CB200NAV)
Odessa (CB18X40R12)
Omni (CB05)
Orbit - Nebraska Furniture Mart (CB-ORBIT)
Prelude (CB075)
Regal (CB500REG)
Salire (CB-KK200)
Salire Sync (CB-KK00)
Serenade (CB075WLSR)
SS500 - Superior Sleep (CB-SS500)
SSX45 - Superior Sleep (CB-SSX45)
Triton - Nebraska Furniture Mart (CB-TRITON)
Vesta (CB18X30R3)
Xplore (CB1X1)

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